Is Spice good for you? + -

We think it's "Awesome," but we can't say that on your behalf.  People love spice, and you will need to come experience the spice for yourself.  

What is the difference between Traditional Indian Restaurants and Spice House? + -

We offer a few authentic Indian dishes, but our menu isn't entirely all Indian.  It's mixed with Italian, Mexican, and foods from all around the world.  We are just adding Indian Fusion Spice to those recipes and enhancing your taste buds. 

How to join our Wine club? + -

Just sign up for our newsletter and you will be updates on our Wine events.  Scroll to the bottom of this page to sign up!

Can we book large parties? + -

You can book large parties, special events, just contact us from our contact page, or email us at support@spicehouserestaurant.com

Do you do Home Delivery? + -

Yes, we will be offering home delivery to the SilverStar Mountain locals and tourists. 

Please be free to contact us for more questions;

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